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LCAP  26th Annual

Winter Lawn Care



February 7, 2017




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Having a professional take care of the lawn gives homeowners more time for leisure activities. Typically, a lawn care service provides fertilization, weed control and other professional practices to achieve a quality turf.

To get the most out of a lawn care company, make sure to hire a service that is a member of a professional association like the Lawn Care Association of Pennsylvania or the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), and check the company’s service record by calling your local Better Business Bureau.

The Lawn Care Association of Pennsylvania (LCAP)
The voice of the lawn care industry in Pennsylvania

LCAP ...Welcome to the home page of the Lawn Care Association of Pennsylvania (LCAP). On this site you will find information about the organization that represents the professional lawn care industry in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

LCAP is an organization of turfgrass professionals committed to promoting, protecting and advancing the lawn care industry in Pennsylvania.

LCAP - The voice of the lawn care industry in Pennsylvania:

Legislative, Government, Regulatory Affairs - The halls of government at the state and federal levels are monitored regarding issues and concerns that are important for lawn care and green industry companies. A primary directive for LCAP is to make certain that legislators are aware of the impact that pending legislation will have on our businesses. LCAP wants to protect the interests of its members so that we are not negatively impacted by legislation.

Thank You LCAP ...Communication - In partnership with PLNA, the Pennsylvania Landscape Nursery Association, and their registered lobbyists, LCAP provides a quarterly newsletter to update members about issues under consideration by state and federal legislative bodies. Even the activities of local jurisdictions are researched to identify issues that may become important at a higher level.

The "LCAP News" newsletter is an information exchange about industry news and issues, feature articles that will help keep you up-to-date on industry advancements and practices, and information about what is happening in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

These two regular newsletters, funded by our membership dues, provide a wealth of information and insight into proper and professional management of our businesses.

Thank You LCAP ...Education - In order to enhance professionalism and knowledge in the competitive lawn care industry, LCAP sponsors an annual winter educational conference. Registered certification credits for Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture pesticide license holders are provided at the conference.

Thank You LCAP ...Certification - LCAP was integral in developing the CTP-CSL certification program. Gain recognition as a Certified Turfgrass Professional - Cool Season Lawns. Click on the link for Certification.

Thank You LCAP ...Legislative Action Day - Sponsored by PLANET, Professional Landcare Network (formerly, ALCA and PLCAA), every year during the summer, companies from all over the United States gather at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC to donate time, equipment, expertise and materials for the betterment of the cemetery. After the physical activities are finished on Sunday, many of the participants meet with their Congressmen and Senators to keep them apprised of the issues important to the green industry. We speak with a more personal voice when face-to-face with our legislators.

Thank You LCAP ...Public Affairs - LCAP encourages public awareness of the availability and effectiveness of lawn care industry practices by disseminating positive and educational information to the green industry and consumers.

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Lawn Care Association of Pennsylvania

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